Great Dane Puppies For Sale San Diego

Friend, Family, and Protector Great Dane Puppies For Sale San Diego

Finding a long-term companion in a Great Dane puppy is a rewarding experience for both the individual or a welcoming family. These puppies grow to be loyal friends that love and protect their owners. The breed is affectionate and intelligent. They are protective of their homes without becoming excessively vocal towards neighbors and pedestrians. They have earned the nickname “Gentle Giants” because of their warm disposition and caring personalities. The Great Dane has a long and noble tradition in regard to its origins. This breed was originated in Germany and is still the tallest of all dog breeds when they are fully grown. Because of their bravery, speed, and strength, they were originally used to hunt wild boar.

Great Dane puppies are cute, affectionate friends that eventually become large, loving guardians. When they are fully grown, they average between 28 and 31 inches in height. They can weigh up to 110 pounds. Their elegant appearance is due to their long and powerful neck that creates a line to their deep muzzle. Muscular fore-legs gracefully give way to their high-set haunches that support their low-lying tail. Great Danes produce coats that are smooth to the touch and naturally short in length. The coat can display a variety of colors which include variations on gold, a steel blue, or glossy blacks.

The friendliness of a Great Dane puppy lasts throughout their lives and extends to all species. They get along well with children and other dogs. When socialized from their youth, Great Dane’s can be comfortable with other canines of any sex and can even live with cats. They train very easily when put through proper and strict regiments. This breed should undergo some form of disciplinary procedures when they are puppies because of the size they reach when they are fully mature. This training makes walking them on leashes much less hazardous.

Caring for a Great Dane puppy is a pleasure. They require annual brushing to remove excess hair and a sizable bed of their own on which to sleep. They need a fair amount of space and regular exercise as well. The Great Dane puppies for sale in San Diego make the ideal companions for getting out and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine that makes this area such a pleasure. They enjoy these kinds of activities all throughout their lives. The average lifespan for this breed is 8 to 12 years. Despite their tendency to drool, these puppies quickly grow to become loved members of anyone’s family. Their loyalty has been expressed many times in the past. “Astro,” the beloved family pet of the Jetsons was a Great Dane. Making the “Gentle Giant” a part of your life will lead to many happy times and plenty of big puppy hugs.